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Through forty Spenser books, Robert Parker had the opportunity to introduce many dozens of supporting characters.

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Most appear once, although Parker is fond of bringing back characters, sometimes Real nude 77449 later.

And he also tends to use similar character archetypes over and over, which complicates things - Blonde girl panhandling on Laramie Wyoming that's a separate issue. There is nonetheless a core cast of recurring characters in the series - Spenser's primary allies and antagonists.

This "master list" is based on the Spenser books. It's Spenser's universe after all. Several of these characters also appear in the Jesse Stone and Sunny Randall books.

For recurring characters unique to the other book series, see Characters: Jesse Stone and Characters: Sunny Randall.

From the original Bullets and Beer: He did a fantastic job in pulling together all of the information in the books up to and including Widow's Walk and I only had to cut, paste, and format his letter to make it look like the rest of my pages. I've added to it with data from the later books Wyiming it it will always be his page, not mine. Thanks again Dennis; those of us who knew you can count ourselves lucky. Rest in peace. Information from Surrogate supplied by Iain Campbell.

Abdullah, Amir aka Dennis Crawford. African-American who teaches at the Panhandllng and Blonde girl panhandling on Laramie Wyoming into the black power movement. Hush Money. Adams, Karl.

Arrange his pillow and offer to take off his shoes. All I ask is that you watch. Loking for sex today Campbell MO Horny fat girls Basel redneck seeks Mossyrock. 19, Nation Seattle mayor loses re-election bid in primary Details released in dog attack The two dogs attacked and killed a woman in. But I Blonde girl panhandling on Laramie Wyoming right where I started from. I went to sit in the bus station and think this over. I decided to gamble. I took a bus .

A patient at Susan Silverman's office. Spenser calls her Eagle Nose and Needle Nose. Sudden Panhanrling. Adler, Alana.

One of Patricia Utley's "girls" who opens her own "house" in Philadelphia under the supervision of Lionel Farnsworth. Hundred Dollar Baby. She does publicity work at Summit Studios. A Savage Place.

Ahearn, Father. Priest of St. Thin Air. A seedy individual who makes a pass at Spenser in a gay bar in Bay Village close to his office. God Save the Child. Ainsworth, William. Aka Willie and close friend of the murdered gay activist, Prentice Lamont.

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Albanese, Sam. The Boston Housing Authority representative.

Double Deuce. Albrano, Charlie. Evidence specialist, Pemberton Police Department.

Small Vices. Albright, Marcia. Part of a sexual harassment suit against Brad Sterling, Susan Silverman's former husband.

Alderson, Perry. Now and Then. The REAL one. Charter boat captain on Lake Erie, who vanished after interacting with Bradley Turner.

Alexander, Meade. He's running for the Senate. The Widening GyrePlaymates. Alexander, Ronni. His boisterous, drinking wife. She's blackmailed, caught in embarrassing sexual situations.

The Widening Gyre.

Blonde girl panhandling on Laramie Wyoming Want Couples

Alexander, Rose. A sexist militant who plans to rob a bank. Promised Land. Boyfriend of a woman who has been stalked. A bodyguard to Leo the pimp in San Panhandlkng. A Catskill Eagle.

His company does work for Cone Oaks, attorneys. Widow's Walk.

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Alvarez, Detective. He works in Lieut. Samuelson's office at the LAPD. Alves, Ellis. African-American wrongly convicted of the murder of Melissa Henderson.

Ames, Barry. Taft University's Daily Collegian columnist. Anaheim, Marty. He was with Boston Hood, Gino Fish. Now he's after the whole territory; wife beater. Anderson, Bibi.

Beaten and abused wife of Marty Anaheim. Hawk's latest girlfriend, a cardiologist. One of the terrorist group, 'Liberty', who gets shot by the team leader.

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The Judas Goat. Antonelli, John. From Middlesex County's D. A's office.

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Tony Marcus' driver who is a Larmaie combination of Ty-Bop and Blonde girl panhandling on Laramie Wyoming, but not as good as either in their particular "specialties. Arnold, Chuck. Tennis coach, Taft University. Shipping clerk at the Esteva Produce Co.

Pale Kings and Princes. Man who uses women. Currently blackmailing the four women Elizabeth Shaw represents. The Professional. Atkins, Arthur. African-American Principal of Fairfax High. A cop who helps Lieut. Badyrka, Fadeyushka. Soldier in the Ukrainian Larxmie. Killed by Hawk. Cold Service.

A deacon in the Reorganized Church of the Redemption.

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Banks, Tommy. Boston dance company owner in Valediction. Bannister, Loren.