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For the second time in his career Łukasz “Krzaku” Krzyczkowski won the Poker Fever Series Main Event. The Pole was the first player in the history who managed to do so. Let’s summarize briefly the last edition of the most popular poker event in Moravia.

As usual the event took place in a beautiful and comfortable Go4Games Casino Hodolany in Olomouc. Festival was held from 18th to 23rd of May 2022.

Main Event

The buy-in for the Poker Fever Series Main Event was Kč 5,500. Prize pool was created by 614 registrations. 71 players advanced to the ITM stage.

At the end of the tournament three players from Poland put up the fight for victory. Third place went to Janusz Potulny who earned Kč 330,200. After his elimination Andrzej Kulka and Łukasz Krzyczkowski advanced to the heads-up. Both players had different goals: one was aiming at winning the second major trophy of his career, and the other one wanted to earn some additional money. The quick deal was made and Łukasz Krzyczkowski was declared a winner.

Andrzej Kulka
# Player Country Prize
1 Krzyczkowski Łukasz PL 593 900 Kč*
2 Kulka Andrzej PL 553 500 Kč*
3 Potulny Janusz PL 330 200 Kč
4 Žikovský Martin CZ 230 500 Kč
5 Piasecki Adrian PL 175 400 Kč
6 Melichar Pavol SK 130 700 Kč
7 Vantuch Matěj CZ 96 300 Kč
8 Wochnik Dominik PL 65 400 Kč
9 Krátký Kamil CZ 51 600 Kč
*denotes a deal

Super High Roller

The first major of the festival was the Super High Roller, with the buy-in of Kč 30.000. There were 39 total entries which elevated the prize pool to Kč 1,17 mln. 5 players made it to the money.

Top three players are the regulars of the Poker Fever events. Marcin Jaworski of Poland who over the years won at least two second places in SHR, this time captured the third place. He recieved Kč 186.300 for his effort. In heads-up it was Roman Papacek and Jiří Horák for battling it out for over Kč 400.000 and the trophy. Horák was the chip leader and he knew how to put pressure on his opponent. It wasn’t a long battle. In the last hand of the tournament Papacek called an all-in from Horák with 75 and lost to a A7.

Jiří Horák was the winner of the Super High Roller. He earned himself a hefty 404 700 Kč. Roman Papacek was a runner-up. He took home Kč 276.800.

Jiří Horák
# Player Country Prize
1 Horák Jiří CZ 404 700 Kč
2 Roman Papacek CZ 276 800 Kč
3 Jaworski Marcin PL 186 300 Kč
4 Byrtus Slavomír CZ 122 400 Kč
5 Hryncewicz Michał PL 74 500 Kč

High Roller

The High Roller was the third event of the schedule with the guaranteed prize pool of at least Kč 1.000.000. The buy-in was Kč 15.000. There were 37 unique players that collectively bought 20 re-entries. Unfortunately this time it wasn’t enough to reach the Kč 1M mark.

There were 7 paid places with the min cash worth of Kč 35.200 and Kč 233.200 for the winner.

While 3-handed players agreed to a deal. Roman Papacek who managed to make his second deep run of the series and took the third place and Kč 220.000. Afterwards Jaroslav Peter of Czechia defeated in heads-up Marcin Iskrowicz of Poland and won Kč 233.200 and the trophy.

Jaroslav Peter
# Player Country Prize
1 Peter Jaroslav CZ 233.200 Kč
2 Iskrowicz Marcin PL 180.400 Kč
3 Papáček Roman CZ 220.000 Kč
4 Pustuła Jacek PL 95.900 Kč
5 Witecki Artur PL 66.900 Kč
6 Dvořák Filip CZ 48.400 Kč
7 Pająk Bartosz PL 35.200 Kč


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